Tips For Making New Friends After Moving To A New Location

Moving to a new city or a new country can be an intimidating and lonely experience when you don’t know anyone. It is possible to meet new people away from the workplace. Let these tips guide you:

Have the right mindset. To have positive social interactions, you need to have a positive attitude. Embrace uncertainty and do not focus on the fear of rejection that many people have when meeting new people. Talk to people and listen to them. Develop a rapport and recognize that no one really becomes friends with anyone immediately. Good relationships take some time.

Network. Reach out to current friends to see if they know anyone in your new location. Ask if they’d be willing to exchange information and meet contacts for coffee or drinks. College alumni associations are also an excellent source for connecting. Don’t be afraid to chat with neighbors. In addition to expanding your network of meeting friends of friends, they will provide information on local gathering spots such as favorite bars, coffee shops, parks and more. As you network, remember, just like dating, sometimes it clicks and sometimes it doesn’t. Look for opportunities to develop friendships, but don’t be discouraged when sometimes you don’t connect with someone well.

Use the Internet and apps. Social media is a significant first step to connect with people in a new city, but don’t stay behind your computer or phone. Find ways to meet in person. is an excellent source to find events with local people with similar interests.

Join a club. Many cities have clubs and adult sports leagues for amateur athletes. Find a team, running partner, or bicycling pack. Yoga studios and gyms are other good sources for finding regulars who will, over time, become new familiar faces.

Stay organized. As you meet new people, it’s important to keep on top of who you’ve met and where. Keep track for names, personal details, and other interests.

Follow through. Friendships only work when they are not one-sided. Take steps to establish a relationship and stay in contact.

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